*"A crash in the labyrinth of your own head..."

Crash takes you on a delirious trip through the labyrinth of your own head. Your senses are captured and manipulated by computers and cameras, or are they not? And then the question arises: what happens when your eyes coincide with someone else's eyes? What do you feel when you don't know where you are anymore? When it looks as if something has crawled between your brain and eyes? And you will find out: what starts with a room, a few people and a mask, ends where theatre always ends: inside your own head.

Geert Sels in De Standaard: ‘an overwhelming performance by Eric Joris and Peter Verhelst. [...] Crash is an encounter between partners who are ahead of their time. [...] Rather than focusing on the technological hocus-pocus there is the bewildering realisation that we can feel more than we thought we could. Je est un autre.