C.A.P.E. Horror

In no time to another reality.

C.A.P.E. Horror was created in collaboration with performance students of the Maastricht Theatre Academy. They take you along into an eerie world where it is dangerously difficult to distinguish reality from fiction...
C.A.P.E. or Computer Assisted Personal Environment is an artistic concept and technical tour de force that transfers experience and illusion into the body itself. C.A.P.E. puts you at the inside of the filmed image. With the help of video-glasses, trackers and a headset it is possible to explore a new reality, another space and time. With multiple C.A.P.E. creations CREW is developing a performance format that puts the visitor at the centre of the experience.

C.A.P.E. Horror was presented in:
Toneelacademie Maastricht, April 2012
SIGN festival Groningen, October 2012
BRONKS XL festival, Brussels, April 2013


Eric Joris: artistic direction
Philippe Bekaert: design technologie and software
Vincent Jacobs: technological development and coordination
Chantalla Pleiter: artistic assistance
Koen Goossens: technical assistance
Vicky Vermoezen: production coordinationHilde Teuchies: general management CREW

C.a.p.e Horror was created in collaboration with Jimi Zoet, Willem-Jan Wellens, Karel Van Laere, Marijn Alexander;
Toneelacademie Maastricht and SIA-raak.