Stage Performance

Performances which take place on classical theatre stages.



Hamlet’s Lunacy

Back in the days of Hamlet the seven celestial spheres and their planets still revolved around the earth and the murder on the king –the Minister of God- made nature revolt.

By combining historical sources and technology in a futuristic theatre production, Eric Joris (CREW) and Mesut Arslan (0090) give new insights into Hamlet's conflict.

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The Internet Trilogy

For three years, Urland researched the internet under the wings of the Theater Rotterdam Production House. The most important development of this modern era took shape in three successive performances. EXPLORER / Prometheus unleashed, the second part of this Trilogy, is a joint creation of Urland and CREW and is central to this performance.

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EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained

EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained is a staged performance by CREW and Urland, a collective of young makers, in collaboration with Productiehuis Rotterdam and premiered at Krijn Boon Studio, Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL). EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained is the centerpiece of The Internet Trilogy, a series on the rise, expansion and limitless promise of the internet. The World Wide Web. The point of no return. We are ON. Unchained. We are FREE.

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Absence is a dance creation inspired by the tsunami in Japan (2011). The idea is simple: a woman and a man meet. There is a trauma. They move, they talk.
A scenic performance made by Eric Joris and writer Peter Verhelst, in collaboration with NTGent.

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An encabled tragedy. The mythological figure of Oedipus symbolizes modern man and his tragic fate. Oedipus is blind when he can still see and he only starts seeing when he physically blinds himself. He never succeeds in obtaining a central perspective on the world. In O_Rex the immersive experience is integrated within a classical theatre set-up.

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Crash takes you on a delirious trip through the labyrinth of your own head. Your senses are captured and manipulated by computers and cameras, or are they not? And then the question arises: what happens when your eyes coincide with someone else's eyes? What do you feel when you don't know where you are anymore?

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Philoctetes, bewerkt door Peter Verhelst en opgevoerd in een opstelling van CREW, bouwt verder op Icarus, een voorstelling die de idee van multimedia als prothese in het licht stelde. Ht lichaam van de verlamde acteur Paul Antipoff versmelt met een hoogtechnologische omgeving, zijn genetwerkte lichaam wordt symbool voor de dubbele relatie van de mens met techniek.

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