360° video

360-degree videos, also known as surround video, or immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. During playback on normal flat display the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama. On an HMD the head of the user is tracked to show different views of the video.


Movement and Embodiment in VR

When I arrived at CREW, Eric kept stressing the importance of free body movement in VR, to roam around in large spaces. I didn’t quite pick up on it immediately. Sure large spaces are nice, but in the end VR is about visuals and sound, no matter how you move about. After a while, I realized he was on to something. You see the point is not the space, but the movement. Our mind constructs space by means of our own movement.

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Straptrack “Do not be seated”

In Straptrack, an immersant, (a visitor equipped with video glasses, PC and headphones), strolls through a virtual sculpture. Meryem Bayram designs and activates the geometric objects of this sculpture, while Eric Joris intervenes in different combinations with drawings and recordings via so-called Motion Capture.

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C.A.P.E. Molenbeek ‘Everything on the table’

CREW wants art to move outside its institutional frameworks within the urban multicultural society. As part of the Brussels operation, we realized an 'omni-directional video installation' together with Agora M, Vaartkapoen. The screenplay was written by a group of Moroccan-Belgian women who are active within Agora M, substantively and technically supported by CREW.

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Hands-On Hamlet

Hands-On Hamlet is CREW’s long-term pursuit that addresses key Hamlet- questions on how to be a moral subject and how one is determined by his or her cultural mind-sets.
The performance was created in 2017 in cooperation with the Dutch performance company Urland and partly integrated in the later plays Hamlet’s Lunacy, 2019 (with Mesut Arslan, Keez Duyves and Jerry Killick) and Hamlet’s Playground, 2021 (with Thomas Dudkiewicz, Jerry Killick and Nick Chambers).

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Hamlet Encounters

Hands-On Hamlet & Hamlet Encounters (prototype of Hamlet's Lunacy) are the last steps towards the final production Hamlet's Lunacy. In this long-term pursuit art takes the lead again pushing the experiential potential of immersive media with an artistic project which addresses questions on how to be a moral subject and how one is determined by his/her cultural mind-sets.

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C.A.P.E. Drop Dog

C.A.P.E. Drop Dog is a virtual performance inspired by two texts from Dutch writer and poet Tonnus Oosterhoff. State-of-the-art technology immerses the visitor in a different world and places the viewer in the heart of two short stories.

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C.A.P.E. Anima

C.A.P.E. Anima brings the visitor right into the heart of the Pastoral, offering a tableau vivant in which he can feel and taste the inner world of Beethoven's 6th Symphony, performed by Anima Eterna.

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C.A.P.E. Vooruit

C.A.P.E. Vooruit is a 25' performance created in the framework of VOORUIT100, celebrating 100 years of Vooruit, the impressive Ghent cultural house of Flemisch socialism turned into a lively contemporary arts centre. C.A.P.E Vooruit swings you back and forth between the here and now and the early years of Vooruit, when streets were buzzing with parades and marching bands. Join the parade, move on the rhythm of the Internationale and follow the slightly distorted beat of a band that seems to have been mutated through time.

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C.A.P.E. Horror

C.A.P.E. Horror was created in collaboration with performance students of the Maastricht Theatre Academy. They take you along into an eerie world where it is dangerously difficult to distinguish reality from fiction...

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Terra Nova

A live art performance that combines theatre and immersive experience
Terra Nova takes us back to R. F. Scott's fatal expedition to the South Pole, in 1911. Beaten by only a month by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen, the English explorer and his team perish dramatically on their way back. Unfolding the steps and thoughts of the commander, Peter Verhelst's text plunges the audience into the debacle of the expedition. During the performance, each spectator is immersed in other bewildering realities. The spectator's own remarkable voyage unveils a universe of the ‘self', previously unknown to him: his own interior Terra Nova...

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C.A.P.E. Brussels

Commissioned by the Brussels-Capital Region, CREW created the performance C.A.P.E Brussels for its participation in the World Exhibition Bejing 2010. During the visit to the Belgian pavilion, visitors discovered our capital through an unusual and artistic virtual walk.

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Would you like to take a walk, using ‘my’ body?

C.A.P.E. (Computer Assisted Personal Environment) is the newest mobile immersive installation of CREW, presented for the first time at the World Expo in Shanghai in September 2010. Come and experience for yourself what the future of cinema might be like! With C.A.P.E., we can shift your presence from one place to another in no time. Thanks to its state-of-the-art immersive technology, you can step into another body and walk around in a maybe far away city or a faraway time...

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Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you?

Is this CREW's newest creation? Or is it yours? Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you? Step into Line-Up and find out. Line-Up is a follow up of EUX, a one to one performance using the newest technology in omni-directional video and a mind-blowing physical experience

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W (Double U)

W (double u) is een interactieve installatie voor twee personen. CREW nodigt je uit om deel te nemen aan hun onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van immersieve technologie. In W (double u) testen ze een set-up met twee immersanten op twee verschillende locaties. Via technologie word je aan je tegenspeler gelinkt. Jullie zoeken een weg in een openbare ruimte... maar kan je je eigen ogen wel geloven? Je gezichtsveld is niet langer dat van jezelf en je doodgewone wandeling wordt plots een gelaagde en intense ervaring.

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An encabled tragedy. The mythological figure of Oedipus symbolizes modern man and his tragic fate. Oedipus is blind when he can still see and he only starts seeing when he physically blinds himself. He never succeeds in obtaining a central perspective on the world. In O_Rex the immersive experience is integrated within a classical theatre set-up.

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EUX or to live in plural. Since Romanticism, the image of the doppelgänger is regularly used to depict the encounter with the self. He symbolizes the blurring of the distinction between reality and fantasy. Is the world that surrounds us a representation of ourselves - or is it just the other way around?

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U Raging Standstill

U Razende stilstand is een immersieve ervaring voor één persoon tegelijkertijd. Het is de allereerste voorstelling waarin elke toeschouwer individueel als protagonist effectief rondloopt en op zoek gaat in een ‘transitionele’ ruimte. Dit is een ruimte tussen de echte en de virtuele ruimte, in een tijd tussen nu en vroeger, tussen echt beeld en opgenomen beeld. Het verhaal van Saskia De Coster thematiseert regressie en dementie waardoor de immersant het gevoel krijgt zichzelf te verliezen en bijna lichamelijk terug te vinden.

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Crash takes you on a delirious trip through the labyrinth of your own head. Your senses are captured and manipulated by computers and cameras, or are they not? And then the question arises: what happens when your eyes coincide with someone else's eyes? What do you feel when you don't know where you are anymore?

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